The modular package system, named Boxttle® is an innovating set of a flexible package with an optional but re-usable covering. Count on a flexible package which has an independent fixating system with attachment points in the form of tabs attachable to a stiff outer cover, creating a set.

Manufacturing it does not require many materials, reducing waste and in this way being both economic and ecologic: an evolution of boxes and bottles.

Single use bottles Or boxes are imposing the market. Being used in every day life with everyday products, such as: drinks, juices, jams, soups, mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato sauce, oil,dressings, detergents, dishwashing liquid, softeners, shampoo, soap, wax, mineral oil, window-cleaning fluid, pulses, cereals…

The excessive use of this kind of packages is creating an excess of waste, damaging the environment and increasing prices. As a reaction boxttle has been created in order to reduce the use of raw materials.

Primarily the known disposables are: plastic and glass bottles, laminated cardboard brick type among many others. Therefore we now present an until now inexistent alternative for this and other kind of boxes and bottles.


Boxttle® is a container or a bottle for containing of liquids, viscous products, powders Or even products in granulated form. It is composed of a main-package made of a flexible material of fine or even extremely fine thickness. In spite of its thinness the package can maintain itself upright and firm when containing products. Consisting of technical creases which conforms into tabs or bevels without breaking the preferred aesthetics of the exceeding sealed material conforming to the form. They can be smooth, prolonged sheets with perforations, fixation systems are optional.


The prolonged sheets are meant to be fixated in a concealment which can be put together or which can, in some cases, be attached as a whole package, fixating the tabs Or bevels to the concealment is done by attaching them, preferably in the small fixating points on the opposite sides of the coverage, or by pressing the two parts together, fixating the interior when assembling the body, or by inserting the fixating points in the perforation. Another way to fixate the bag or package is by attaching some bevels in the body Of the interior plug, as will be showed in the following images.

One Of the main points with this package and something to be kept in mind is that the exterior shell can be re-used as many times one wishes, the user will not have to buy a new coverage over and Over, only the interior package will be discarded and the cover will be re-used.



• It is the evolution of bottles, it unites the pros of flexible packages with the convenience of a hard package.

• Thanks to its composition it is an ecologic bottle which is also more economical than current ones since we waste less raw materials producing it.

• It is the ideal package for liquids, its geometric form facilitates the emptying Of the bottle without having to empty the contents in another, stiff bottle. If stiffness is needed there is an outer cover applicable to the bottle. The cover can be manufactured Out Of molded cardboard for one-time-usage, Or in another material to make it reusable in which case only the thin bag is disposable.

• Thanks to its optional exocarcasa® (outer cover), the flimsy bag can be hold upright in a hygienic, safe and very aesthetic way since the cover can be designed in many ways, Of course this cover is reusable.

• In spite Of its fineness Boxttle® Stays erect independently, the flexible material allows for a very high print quality. There is a possibility to use various materials manufacturing Boxttle®, both very thin plastic as aluminium films or other, all with different results of texture. This is what especially makes it so innovative in the world of packages, and results in a resistant yet flexible package.

• Economic and ecological, a sustainable package, reducing waste, disposing only the thin film while the cover can be reutilized various times. In the manufacturing process it requires somewhere between 70 to 90% less material than a plastic bottle.

Up to 12% less materials than a conventional flexible package.

-A lot easier to recycle than a brick, because of this only 36% of the bricks in Europe are recycled, needed to mention is that this makes Boxttle® a lot more economic.

-It weighs 88% less than a glass bottle.

-Empty shipping space in a truck can occupy 1 /60 part of the volume when shipping bottles, we do not transport air. A truck traditionally loaded with empty packages can transport close to 54.000 units.

With Boxttle® almost 3.220.000 could be transported.

The brand Tetra Pak daily produce up to 286 million boxes, there are many other brands also manufacturing this kind Of boxes, this gives us an idea of the business volume. With our package the function Of brick is improved and we are a lot more economic. The packages ending up as waste take a long time before being decomposed.

In The United Kingdom approximately 1 ,2 million glass bottles are used every year which generates emissions of C02 during the waste transportation of 630.000 tons of waste. With boxttle@ the weight of the bottle will be reduced to only 12% i.e. 88% less, reducing the emissions and saving the product life cycle, its volume we limit up to 1/60.

Single use boxes and bottles are taking over the market, but they are not sustainable. To the economic crisis, the environmental crisis must be added, thereof Boxttle@ is an alternative to already existing bottles and boxes, being economical in the manufacturing and reducing waste at a high percentage, we reduce the use of waste.

In Spain it is estimated that 15.000 plastic bottles are thrown away every day, all over Europe approximately 40% of these bottles are recycled, those that end up as waste last hundreds of years.


• Thanks to its optimized size, the manufacturer saves up to 50% space for the secondary package in comparison to a conventional flexible package, with the consequent savings of logistics. Another benefit with these packages is that there is no need to put the content in a hard package.

• We save up to 30% of the production costs, in some cases we use up to 90% less plastic than in a normal bottle.

• 70% of the price of a bottle of water is due to the package, it would make the brands more competitive.

• In comparison to most other packages, generally, boxttle requires less energy, less resources, it produces less emission of C02 and it significantly improve the ratio of the product/package, requiring less trucks for an equal amount of products, making consequent distribution savings.

• Its technical creases makes it geometric and permits boxttle to be erect even when it is almost empty.

• Get more for less. It offers the largest use to the least usage of space.

• Optimize shelf space allowing for profit in the selling point.


• It is striking and functional, very attractive for costumers.

• It is recyclable and the outer cover is reusable allowing for innovative designs.

• In contrast to other bottles a saving to up to 50% can be made.

• The outer cover can be made of recyclable materials and the interior package is always hygienic and aseptic, once disposing the flexible package. It is an ergonomic and manageable package, it interacts with the consumer.

• Easy to open, consume and keep hermetically closed.

• It is secure, it does not break nor get deformed.

• It is light as a feather, it does not add weight to the product.

• Once empty it does not occupy space which makes it easy to use

until it is finished.

• It is a sustainable package, it facilitates recycling and reuse.

• It reduces the carbon footprint, thanks to:

– Manufacturing; more for less, less material and less energy to obtain it.

– A minimum volume of waste.

– Easy to recycle.

– Logistics: less weight, less volume.

– Recyclable and reusable outer Shell.

BOXTTLE® is patented in:

– The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, (SPTO)

Patent with international path, favourable technical status report.

– Innovation priority dossier before World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

– Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM)

– Industrial designs.

– Registration in the intellectual property registry.


Cost reduction but added more value to the products, sensory packaging, strengthens the consumer to be a consumable format provides added value to packaging.

Comprehensive product development, adapting the format to the image Of the brand that implant.

Assignment of industrial property rights, adequacy of facilities, turnkey, supplying manufacturing lines.

Exportable business model and Scalable to different geographies.

Bottles accompany us through life, hopefully thanks to their use and not because they are degraded.

We are convinced of the viability in the market because it is a real alternative to existing packaging alternatives, it is a product of mass consumption, the patents give them certain exclusivity and is much cheaper to manufacture than other containers leaving good business margins.